Criminal Case MOD APK 2.39 [Unlimited Energy/Hints] 2023

Criminal Case MOD APK 2.39 [Unlimited Energy/Hints] 2023
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Over 50 million people have downloaded Criminal Case MOD APK on the Google Play Store, making it one of the most popular hidden object games for Android. In this game, you play as a detective and solve different cases by finding clues.

The game offers an immersive gameplay experience with beautiful graphics and interesting puzzles. Using our MOD APK, you will be able to purchase a range of in-game items and power-ups for free. A free upgrade will also grant you access to all the premium features.

📌 App Name Criminal Case Mod Apk
🩸 Update 1 Day Ago
💥 Genre Adventure
🚨 Publisher Pretty Simple
🔴 Version 2.39
🔺 Size 63 MB
🧨 MOD Info Unlimited Energy, Hints, Point, Stars
🚩 Get it on Playstore

Story of Criminal Case Mod Apk:

It is your job to solve different cases by finding clues in Criminal Cases. You will begin by playing a tutorial case to get a feel for the gameplay. After that, you can play a series of cases based on real-life crimes. In order to solve each case, you need to collect clues from various scenes. As you progress through the game, your detective skills will be put to the test as you solve increasingly complex cases.

Criminal Case MOD APK

Features of Criminal Case Mod Apk:

This is an awesome graphic:

With its intuitive interface, breathtaking gameplay, and amazing graphics, this is one of the best physics simulation games available on the market. New players will find it easy to pick up, but more experienced players will find it challenging.

Having a great time:

This game is unique and full of fun. It features crimes, detectives, and conspirators. You must solve the crimes with photos, fingerprints, and testimonies.

Society’s development:

You have to solve four non-legal cases. This is a physics game where you have to solve the pieces of evidence and their logic. Criminal cases focus on the expansion and development of our society, not on the crime itself.

An RPG, social, and casual game:

Criminal Cases is a social, casual, and role-playing game in which the players take on the role of investigators and uncover the truth behind a series of procedurally generated incidents.

Identify and investigate crime scenes:

This game features a huge number of crimes that you can investigate, and there are new missions and challenges for each one. You can’t trust police officers or anyone else during your investigation when you live in a city. It is up to the player to do something or herself to bring the killer to justice. You have to try to raise the question about the murder yourself.

Criminal Case MOD APK
Criminal Case MOD APK

An Android app for criminal cases:

In order to punish a murderer, you must try your best to obtain evidence of the crime and, after a thorough investigation, take action against the murderer.

Analyze laboratory evidence:

To trace this murder, you must collect different pieces of evidence. You can go to the murder place and collect things like a hand printer, postcard, gun, or anything else and test them in a laboratory. DNA can also be used for tracing the criminal role of the accused.

APK version 2023 of Criminal Case Cheats:

It is important to gather evidence from the murder site and take anything from it, such as a t-shirt, guitar, or anything else. You also have to check the CCTV camera records and see who visited him. Find out who his enemies were and make a list of them.

Testify against suspects and interrogate witnesses:

You have to develop a list of suspects and witnesses who may be connected to the murder. Using the evidence and clues found on the scene, you can interrogate them and easily lead to your killer by teasing them about where they have been. The questions you ask should trap them so that you can easily reach the killer. By doing this, you will soon be able to catch him.

Criminal Case MOD APK
Criminal Case MOD APK

The killer needs to be arrested:

As you gather enough evidence and interrogate people, you will be able to arrest the murderer and bring him to court for a fair trial. You will be heard, and justice will be served. Your reward and resources will increase as you solve more crimes.


The power of unlimited energy:

Unlike its original version, which has a limited amount of energy that decreases during the game, the modded version provides unlimited energy. In its modified version, you will have unlimited energy, allowing you to fully enjoy your game. By increasing your worth as a detective, you will be able to solve more cases, which is beneficial for your career. This way, you will be able to solve all the cases, and your progress as a detective will be enhanced.

 Criminal Case Mod APK Unlimited Hints:

This game’s interesting feature is finding the objects in its puzzle mode. You will not be awarded complete stars if you have not done your work at a given time. So download a PK and take advantage of its unlimited features that will further enhance your performance and complete each stage with full stars.

Unlimited Money:

Criminal Case Cheat APK game, you are provided with unlimited coins; users can buy various things from the shop by spending these coins like you are your clothes and can buy different things if you talk about its original version. In this, you have to spend money carefully because you are given limited money. If you want this unlimited money, then you are in the mode to download and buy your favourite things whenever you want.

Unlocked All

This mod APK version of this game has all the premium features. When you get all the characters in it, you can use any character you want, and each character has its own features. So you can download this game now. Download and enjoy its amazing features

Ads Free:

The modded version of Criminal Case Hacks APK does not include any ads, so you can save your precious time by watching the ads. If you are fed up with repeated ads, then you should download this Mod version because it doesn’t include ads. Viewing ads earns you money, but this version already gives you unlimited money. You don’t need to watch the ad for this.

Free to Download:

You can download the modded version of this game by clicking on the download button on our site. It is completely free. It gives you all the unlocked features to have more fun.

Criminal Case Mod Apk features in detail

  1. Immersive gameplay experience
  2. Beautiful graphics
  3. Interesting puzzles
  4. Unlimited Money
  5. Access to all premium features

How to Download Criminal Case Mod Apk

Follow My Steps:

  1. Download the Criminal Case MOD APK from the link given below.
  2. Make sure that third-party applications are allowed on your device. To do this, go to Menu > Settings > Security and check the Unknown Sources option.
  3. Once you have downloaded the APK file, open it and tap on Install.
  4. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  5. Once installed, open the game and start playing.

Before Installing This Apk, Must Delete the Previous Version of the APK

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